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Protection GIFT Package 
Durable Medical Power of Attorney for Health Care
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Don't take a chance or wait until it's too late.
This document will protect not only you but even your adult children from a compromising situation if you were to ever be in a place where you could not speak for yourself. Never should an outside agency, physician or anyone else usurp the beliefs, values or wishes of 
your child, spouse....or YOU!

For those who honor the sanctity of life and believe that one's time to die is a decision reserved for G-d and G-d alone, then this Protective Medical Decisions Document is for you. 
No one is promised tomorrow. 
This Durable Medical Power of Attorney for Health Care PMDD 
(Protective Medical Decisions Document) package includes INFORMED magazine along with hand painted note cards and consultation if requested. This specialized document will protect you and your loved ones - especially from the likes of George Soros and the looming culture of death he is funding through many hospices and palliative care programs.

Please include the shipping address of where you would like the PMDD to be mailed. If it is for a gift then that address should match the recipient's name as it is state specific. To host an informational event 'around the table' through your church, prayer group or home call (615) 977-8665 and Lucy Karen Clay will be glad to assist you. The best Christmas gift you can provide will be "Key Steps to Protect Your Walk to Eternity!" 

If you order now, the PMDD will be shipped in time for Christmas so that it will available when you are with family and friends to discuss and sign at that time when you are together in front of  2 witnesses. (For multiple documents, list shipping addresses separately as the laws differ between states. The charge is $40 per package.)
Background on Advance Directives LINK:
PS. The PMDD was designed by 
Ex. Dir. of Patients Rights Alliance, attorney and Sanctity of LIFE advocate Rita Marker. Derek Humphrey founded of the Hemlock Society which is now called Compassion & Choices. His late wife, Ann turned to Rita Marker when she felt alone and abandoned – having known Rita only as her most vocal opponent on the subject of legalizing euthanasia. Rita later authored Deadly Compassion:The Death of Ann Humphrey and the Truth About, Euthanasia.

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Expressways To Learning® is an education company addressing the needs of children and adults who are creative, athletic, intuitive, sensitive, bright and many times...gifted. Learning Differently sometimes can have tendencies of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, or Autism. ETL is an Alternative to Traditional Tutoring and a " Fitness Center for the Brain."  This comprehensive system provides computer software  for Home Study Enrichment opportunities monitored in real time by ETL coaches along with ACT/SAT Prep, Adult Literacy and ESL for English Language Learners. Brain Fitness Memory Games for Adults are also NOW AVAILABLE and Recommended to increase memory and attention. In addition, ETL provides diagnostic testing for Irlen Spectral Filters using colored overlays and lenses for light sensitivity based upon research now offered in 42 countries. For more information contact Lucy Karen Clay at (615) 851-9703

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Is your child struggling 
in a traditional classroom setting?

Expressways To Learning® celebrates unique learning styles everyday.  In our learning centers, your child will decode information to reformat his or her learning language.  Through intensive brain training, we can help unlock your child’s true potential. Our proven techniques make learning fun while simultaneously boosting your child’s confidence and self image.

Tailored to your child's specific needs Individualized programs are customized to help maximize your child’s growth with one grade level improvement is expected every eight to ten weeks. 
 Whether your child struggles, with math computation, reading comprehension, memory recall, ADD, ADHD, spelling, Dyslexia, or Autism, Expressways To Learning® can help!

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Revolutionary Techniques
Expressways To Learning® is a multi-sensory, multimedia marvel that is revolutionizing the learning process.  Expressways To Learning® programs are integrated into masterful systems which profoundly effect the storage and retrieval of knowledge in the brain. They include most of what educators know about learning. Many of the tested and proven principles of the past are combined with today’s technology in a totally unique way.

Step 1

Call our office or email us to schedule an appointment at one of our locations,

(Apx. 1 1/2 hours  which includes reviewing test results and recommendations.)

(615) 851-9703 


Step 2

We will review test results the same day and make recommendations of how many sessions will be necessary for your child to reach necessary goals.


Step 3

Schedule classes or begin a Home Study Program where we will license your computer and provide Home Study Check In appointments every 2 to 4 weeks.  Weekly sessions are also available along with Home Study programs.


Step 4

Within 2 weeks you will begin to see long term memory results.  Each child takes "Ten's Tests" which review all skills taught in a 2 week time frame and you will receive regular progress reports.


Step 5

Begin 2016 - '17 school year with SUCCESS for you, your child, and your family!

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NEW E-Learning NOW Availalbe for Individuals, Agencies and Charter Schools. 

10 Day Trial through SKYPE available by request. 

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Expressways To Learning is Tennessee's Irlen Diagnostic Center

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"Areas of Significant Improvement with Irlen Spectral Filters"

 Percent of Clients Reporting "Moderate" to "Considerable" Improvement Among Those Experiencing Difficulty.
(Data from 689 Irlen clients interviewed within six months of receiving Irlen Spectral Filters) 

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