Basics Express®

Basics Express® provides an easy introduction to Reading and Math, preparing for success in both. It also provides an excellent introduction to English for non-English speaking students.



10 lessons with 22 different activities or programs involving phonological awareness, including Rhythm Speak in March Time with 5 music options at different tempos to pace student recitation

65 lessons teaching all the short vowels and consonants in a unique Tracker program with 3 levels of participation.

On The Beat correlating with the Tracker program, reinforced with a click track and music

10 lessons teaching numbers using the Tracker programs

19 additional computer programs for counting prepare for equations, addition, subtraction, and multiplication; one program has 10 music tracks.



Visual memory, discrimination, and sequencing improved

Auditory memory, discrimination, and sequencing increased

Listening skills developed

Directionality emphasized

Attention span and focus improved

Phonics and number skills implemented