Lucy Karen Clay

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.   It has been an incredible journey to have the opportunity to see hundreds of thousands of lives change through the process of Expressways To Learning®.

I will never forget the day that I met Dr. “Jack” Hoes, author or ETL.  It was a crisp, November day in Texas, 1987.   Jack demonstrated this unique process and shared his belief that those who could not read the Bible would only be at the mercy of what someone else told them.  Therefore, he dedicated his life to the process of developing a system that would equip children and adults to independently read, process information, and prove what they know in a regular classroom setting or work environment. 

Most of our students are above average or gifted, and “Learn Differently.”  After using ETL for about a year, I had the opportunity to meet Helen Irlen in Long Beach, CA.   The Irlen method, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, is another tool that ETL-Tennessee uses to assist children and adults.

ETL, Inc. and the Irlen Institute are two distinct companies and utilize various educational tools.  They are in no way directly related.  However, ETL-Tennessee offers both Expressways To Learning® Systems as well as the Irlen method.

We appreciate the opportunity to help enhance your quality of life.

     Lucy Karen Clay
    Owner, ETL-TN 

Civic, Community and Professional Activities
Chairman – Education Committee Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors – Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association
Education Consultant – Historic Magnolia Scholarship Foundation
Literacy Task Force Member – Nashville Area
Council for Learning Disabilities Member
Junior League of Nashville Member

Graduate of Baylor University – B.S. Education and English
Teacher’s Certificate from Tennessee and Texas
Vanderbilt MMS
Former Board of Directors - East Academy 
Certified Irlen Diagnostician – Irlen Institute of California
Owner of Expressways To Learning® – Tennessee

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Founder, The Simplicity Project Wellness Initiative

 Founding Advisory Board

E. Ray Bowles, Chairman – Financial Consultants of TN, Inc.
Pat Donlon, Owner – W. R. Newman & Associates, Inc.
Ron Filson, President – Sentry Steel,  Retired
Dr. Steve Flatt, Former President - David Lipscomb University
Senator Joe Haynes
Jerry Garrett
Johnny Claude Garrett, President Bank of Goodlettsville
Myra Hunter, President - Darrell Walker Personnel, Retired
Jimmy Moore - City of Goodlettsville
Bill Rorick -Neuroscientist

Learning Coach
Charlene Brumbelow

Special thanks to Fulton Greer for 12 years of service to Expressways To Learning & Suzanne Cobb Jett for 8 years of service!

Characteristics That Distinguish ETL From Other Reading Programs


  1. Federal court has proven (in a copyright contested case) that Expressways To Learning® (ETL) has a unique system unlike any other.  Its approach is definitely not in the public domain.
  2. Expressways To Learning® is unique because of the way in which all programs are integrated, correlated, and sequenced.
  3. ETL uses music and metering, which engages both hemispheres of the brain, while setting up a rhythm and flow throughout each program.
  4. ETL integrates flash and pause speed options for each program that can be customized quickly and easily for individual students.
  5. Each ETL lesson includes phonemic awareness, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and dictation of phrases and sentences--developing sequencing, memory, integration, and comprehension.
  6. Although some of the ETL text, especially the Word Lists, seem very easy (especially in the early lessons), students are able to read at higher levels due to this firm foundation.
  7. ETL introduces information through a student’s strongest learning modality, while building up their weaknesses.
  8. ETL’s extensive follow up shows that students continue to make remarkable gains after acquiring basic skills.  Many who have never succeeded academically begin to excel in all areas of life.
  9. While utilizing a variety of  techniques and approaches to learning, ETL not only synthesizes and organizes them, but also adds a new dimension.  This results in a neurological change as well as remediation in an amazingly short period of time.


Offering "Home Study" Courses for families that wish to use ETL on their home computer.

Visit the Expressways To Learning® website at for a FREE trial of ETL Speed-Spell!  Easily and quickly learn almost anything you want to commit to memory!
Master the weekly spelling list, often in 10 minutes!

Irlen Information
ETL-TN also offers The Irlen Method, (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)
by using Colored Overlays and Colored Spectral Filters.

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