History and Development

The year 1968 found Dr. Jack E. Hoes teaching at an elementary school in Hawaii.  In his class were five students that could not read and he had tried every approach he knew to teach them.  Nothing seemed to work.


Jack knew that if these five young men did not learn to read, then they would not be able to read the Bible.  If they could not read, write, and process information, they would be at the mercy of what someone else told them.


So, Jack began praying, asking God to give him an answer ~ a method of teaching that would unlock the boys’ potential and enable them to learn to read.  He went daily to a prayer garden where he would pray and listen to God, writing in a journal as he felt the Lord speaking to him.


Jack was also a musician, a composer, a media specialist, and a classic dyslexic.


As Jack prayed for these five students and for a way to teach them to read, a jingle came to his mind which he wrote down (not having any idea of the impact that it would have or even what it meant).


“Unite an image in a pair with sight and sound, beyond compare all minds will grow without a snare.”
Dr. Jack E. Hoes, 1968


The jingle he wrote that day describes how ETL works through a process called “AVIP” (Auditory - Visual - Impression - Pairing).  This process was given to Jack through prayer well before the concepts of cognitive skills training and phonemic awareness were known!


Jack received a Federal Grant from the University of Hawaii in 1968 to continue his research and he spent the rest of his life developing the Expressways To Learning® systems.  These unique learning systems work because of the AVIP method which the Lord gave to Jack in answer to his persistent prayer.


Because of the faithful research and insight of Dr. Jack E. Hoes, we now have access to a tool which teaches children and adults to read the Bible within a few months. 


Today, ETL is available in schools, churches, schools, home study programs and private centers. 

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