The proven systems of Expressways To Learning® by Dr. Jack E. Hoes provide rapid remediation or exciting acceleration. They use innovative computer-based programs in addition to printed materials and techniques which make learning easy. The ETL systems demonstrate multimedia, multisensory, multilevel learning at its best.
The following five systems are available for lease to schools, learning centers, agencies, and through our Home Study consultants:
1. Expressways To Reading® is a comprehensive system of many integrated programs rapidly teaching reading, spelling, handwriting, and comprehension. 
2. Expressways To Math® which has three levels including word problems. 
3. QuikComp® which increases comprehension, vocabulary, and speed of reading.
4. Basics Express® which prepares for success in both reading and math.

5. AdVocab® which increases vocabulary while improving spelling, focusing, and visual skills.


In addition there is ETL Speed-Spell™ which enables one to memorize facts easily and quickly.
These systems supply sufficient enjoyable practice using learning materials that stimulate the brain enabling it to store and retrieve auditory, visual and motor-kinesthetic impressions. This results in prodigious amounts of sequential learning, much more than is usually acquired in conventional classrooms. These programs are designed to engage the student’s attention with less than one hour per daily session without homework.

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